What representing Strive To Do Better means.

When wearing Strive To Do Better Apparel, my main goal is to help people feel apart of a community. Both a community & movement of hardworking, motivated individuals always looking to improve their own lives as well as others. I'm looking to create a brand that's more than just a brand, but a representation of hard work and dedication. Living a healthy lifestyle is a privilege. Investing in yourself(whether it's your happiness, health, or life in general) is the greatest investment you could ever make. The apparel is just a part of the Strive To Do Better brand. Through education, motivation, passion, impact & positivity, I'm excited to watch this movement grow over the years to come.

I'm looking for your help to grow this movement. If you know someone who could take something out of learning about Strive To Do Better, then please share with them a little bit about it. Whether it's the website, Facebook page, or store, I would greatly appreciate it. Just know that this is only the beginning & I can't thank you enough for joining me on this journey.

 - PS - When & If you choose to purchase any Strive To Do Better Apparel, share with us on your social media accounts & don't forget to tag us in your picture so we can repost it as we are proud and honored to have you onboard as a member of Team Strive To Do Better! (@strivetodobetter on Instagram & @STDB_Official on twitter!)




--  Cody Jones -- Creator of Strive To Do Better.


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