Two Weeks In.

Well, we're closing in on finishing up the first two weeks of 2019. How many of you are still relentlessly pursuing your goals that you may have set at the end of last year or on January 1st? For your sake... I hope all of you. Sadly that's not the case for everybody.


Someone, somewhere has already lost focus, motivation and the drive to accomplish what they set out to accomplish this year. I wanted to share with you a "Power Fact" from Rise and Grind by Daymond John (one of the stars of ABC's Shark Tank as well as the author of both The Power of Broke and Rise and Grind. It's actually a sad statistic, but worth sharing. It said: "A U.S. News and World Report poll shows that 80 percent of our resolutions fail by mid-February.... Something to keep in mind as you power past Groundhog Day and try to stick to your goals-- remember when you watched the ball drop on New Year's Eve, you didn't resolve to be like everyone else. Stand Apart. Get it done."


So which percentage are you going to allow yourself to become apart of? Are you going to be the 80 percent or the 20 percent? That's on you. Nobody else decides that for you. Your goals are yours for a reason. That means you control the outcome, but it's going to require you to keep working even when there doesn't seem to be any sign of motivation in sight. Some days you're going to wonder if it's all worth it. Other days you're going to want to quit altogether. You're going to feel like you're spinning your wheels in place without any traction. 


You are not alone. Everybody goes through these phases. That's what they are... phases. They're going to come and go because just like any ship that's ever set sail, you're bound to experience some storms, some waves and changes of course.


Change the course, let the goal remain the same. Think about what can go right. Think about what it will feel like when you accomplish these goals. Think about how proud you'll feel when you realize what you're capable of doing when you put your mind to something. Don't let a little bit of turbulence knock you off track so bad that you don't even end up getting back into the groove. 


It's not supposed to be easy.


If it was... it wouldn't be as exciting. Without challenge, you can't fully grow. Without pain, you can't gain the strength you need to persevere, and when motivation isn't there, you're forced to DISCIPLINE yourself to keep yourself moving. When the work you need to do to move closer towards your goals is the LAST thing you want to do, you'll discipline yourself to do it anyway. 


Quitters make excuses, play victim, and act like everything in the universe is happening to them.

Winners don't make excuses, push past all the bullshit that comes their way, and knows that everything in the universe is happening FOR THEM. 



So what will it be? Don't be another statistic. Like Daymond John said, "You didn't resolve to be like everyone else. Stand apart. Get it done."


Strive Life.


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