There will always be another tomorrow...

Ok, so we’ve all been there...


We’ve been at that point where we’re waiting for the right time to get up and do it. We want to get all our ducks in a row before we make that commitment. Maybe we want to wait until it’s a new week, or a new month; heck maybe even a new year. We like to do these things because it can be more convenient, want to be sure, or sometimes want to have a plan.

Now... I’m not saying those are bad reasons, but you can certainly do both at the same time as well. So don’t get me wrong waiting for a new week to start that new gym routine isn’t a bad idea because it does help make it more organized starting fresh. What you could do though is go to the gym anyways. Get in the groove. Get the feel for things. I definitely recommend going to check it out so you know what your options are and then when it comes you’ll actually be ready because it's not new to you anymore. The biggest problem we all have is doing it tomorrow and the problem is tomorrow almost never comes because there will always be another tomorrow following that one...

Now I know for me I’m a planner. I like to have things lined up, planned out and ready to go because making mistakes sucks! Plus I don’t want to fail and be set back. I do try to do my above advice with just doing it. Whether it’s the gym or something else... if you just do it it becomes easier. For example, I’ve had numerous injuries and body pains. I’ve fought through and done things to help them, but what sucks is when they set you back because once you get set back you no longer want to do anything. Doing nothing becomes easy and it’s just nice to relax. Well, what I’ve learned is sometimes you just have to go back to basics and start from scratch to build ourselves up to be at the peak again. And the crazy thing about peaking is you should never quit, unless its a bad habit; never surrender, unless it's for the greater good; and always strive. 


We should not want to reach a high point because you should always want more and to never settle. Now my point of this is we always want the right time, but the problem is sometimes there isn’t a right time and you just have to go for it. Seize the moment and strive to do better. If we continue to wait it won’t get better unless we make it better. When you’re ready for change take action and make it happen because you only have so much time to make a difference. You want to look good for the beach? Start now! Not on Monday, but now! You want to advance your career? Start now! Take classes or trainings in order to progress. 


If there’s anything to take away from this ramble is this... when you want something, go get it, fight for it because it won’t take long for someone else to make it happen and you’ll just sit there wishing it was you. Don’t wish for it, do it! Seize the moment! Make the change! Once you make the change and stick to it, it’ll become a habit and you’ll keep doing it and even take it on to other things. Point is, the time is always right, just have to go after it and strive to do better!


Become a better you and join the movement. 

- Nicholas Reynolds.


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