Strive Snap Takeover

Strive To Do Better is not only a movement, but also a community. Which is why the Strive To Do Better Snapchat exists. Thought of by my good friend, Cody Sceggell, -- strivesnap -- is the snapchat name where every single day, someone new will be running the snapchat. They will be able to share their story with all the other members of the STDB community. Each new person will be able to discuss their motivations, inspirations and basically talk about whatever they want to talk about. It's a great opportunity to learn from other's perspectives and/or gain new inspiration!


Follow Strive To Do Better on Snapchat under the username: strivesnap


If you are interested in being featured on the Strive To Do Better snap takeover email me and include Snap Takeover in the subject line !

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