Pick One Thing.

With 2018 closing out fairly soon as 2019 creeps up on us(seriously though where did this year go?!), it's not rare to have new goals set for the new year. In fact, I highly recommend you to start thinking of some goals that you plan on working on next year(If you haven't already done so). Once you have set a goal(or goals), break them down into smaller goals.

For instance: You've made the decision that 2019 is the year you're going to dedicate to your fitness journey. (Which...if that's the case...I'd be more than happy to help you any way I possibly can. Join the Strive Tribe :D )  How do you need to go about accomplishing your goals? Are you starting from scratch? Did you just newly join a gym?

There are many factors that may be at play, but focusing on too many of them right at the beginning will more than likely lead you to feel overwhelmed. So how do we do everything we can to prevent burnout? Pick one thing. Just pick one factor that you feel is necessary to focus on and start chipping away at that. The one thing I suggest someone starting a fitness journey (or maybe just a healthier lifestyle) is nutrition. Why? A: Because if you think just going to the gym while still eating whatever you want is going to help bring you the results you hope to see....I'm sorry to say that's not the case. You can't out-train a bad diet.


Before I ramble on more & more though, this goes for any goal you've set for yourself. There's a good chance that there is more than one aspect of said goal that you could focus on. Don't catch yourself becoming buried too deep and too quickly right away. More often than not, we find ourselves forgetting that we are human. When you try to focus on a few variables at once, the possibility of you becoming overwhelmed just multiplies and magnifies. This can lead to frustration, falling off track, and eventually quitting altogether.


We don't want that. You shouldn't want that for yourself. That's why going slow is more efficient than trying to put your time and effort into too many areas at once(At least at the start). Understand that your goals should be broken down into smaller goals. Pick one thing and chip away at it. Make it a priority and once you feel yourself improving, slowly start incorporating other areas to help you move closer to your goals(Once you have your nutrition slightly improved, start working out maybe twice or three times a week.)


Figure out how you can break your goals down. Create a chart or list that can help you see clearly where you can prioritize your time to maximize your progress and keep you moving forward. 


S T R I V E L I F E .


Sidenote: If your goals for next year do in fact involve living a healthier lifestyle(Not just physically but mentally as well) and making yourself a priority. Reach out! I would love to help you any way I can as it is my passion to do so. Let me help you, get you on the right track and help you become a better version of yourself.


-- Cody Jones --


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