Failing in Order to Succeed.

Okay, so this one hits home for me especially and I’m sure a lot of you will feel the same way. 


So my inspiration for this blog comes from my girlfriend and I’s daughter. She was a quiet, shy little girl that keeps to herself. She has begun to blossom into a beautiful little girl because she’s really come out of her shell when it comes to the quiet and shyness. 


So, our daughter's very smart and curious. Both of these traits can be good and bad, especially at this age as teaching her can be difficult sometimes. Now watching her do gymnastics, swim lessons, and even Kung Fu; I can tell that she needs a little extra attention. For example, when she was in Pre-K I would see her worksheets for writing, tracing or whatever always and they would always be good and then as you go down the page each line would get worse and then it’d become incomplete. Now my guess is at that point the teacher is across the room.


Now in seeing this, I can see that she gets it and can do it. So her curiosity kicks in and she really wants to do things right! Which is awesome! However, she can get really frustrated with herself because she doesn’t want to be wrong, lose, or not be able to do it. Now the problem is her frustration can lead to her quitting or not doing it because of the fear of failure(I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another). 


Now recently we had our parent-teacher conference for her, now that she’s in kindergarten. Her teachers confirmed this theory exactly. They can see the same thing and they tell her it's okay to be wrong. Being wrong is how you learn and get better. Now don’t get me wrong she’s not alone in this at all; this is the majority of kids and even adults who feel the same way!


So the point of this blog and Strive To Do Better is to make improvements on life in its wholeness. So in order to live a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically... sometimes we have to fail in order to succeed. We are creatures of habit, and its not easy breaking that habit because every are afraid to fail. Without failure, there is no success! It goes back to the old adage of “practice makes perfect“. 


One thing to remember is there is no perfection, only progression. You want to always be getting better because if you level out and plateau it probably means you’re comfortable and being comfortable stops progress. Point is you will be wrong, you will fail, you’ll lose and get knocked down. After you fail, you will then learn, grow and progress. That is how you succeed. 


Never quit, never surrender!


Just strive to do better. 


Join the movement. 

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